Bikejoring – what is it?

bikejoringJust got off the phone from a phone interview this morning.   The first question I was asked was ‘what is bikejoring’?

The question caught me slightly off-guard.   I do have it listed as an activity on my resume as it is something I do with my dog.  I didn’t however, think it was something that brought confusion to my interviewers.   So in a simple explanation, bikejoring is ‘biking with your dog(s) pulling‘.    This video here gives a good example of doing it on trails with a mountain bike.

It’s a fun activity to do, both for myself and my dog.   My little brat loves to run.  And since there is no way I could catch up to his speed and stamina on runs, biking or rollerblading allows me to go along for the ride.   It’s a great way to exercise him and give myself some fresh air.  Added bonus:  it also tires him out in shorter amount of time.

It does have its dangers though.  Dogs do have minds of their own and strength to pull you off course.   Make sure to wear safety protection and that your brakes are working perfectly.